About Me

About Me


Hello everyone!

I’m Marco, 33 – a personal trainer with over 13 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.
I have built a successful career that I’m enhancing every year by completing many different courses and gaining qualifications in personal training, therapeutic massage, fitness instruction, dance teaching and choreography, physical education, to name a few. 

During these 13 years I’ve met clients of all ages from babies to senior citizens – and I’ve worked with over 50 companies (gyms, academies, clubs, spas, swimming pools, schools, etc).

Now based in London, I’m collaborating with celebrity fitness trainer Ricardo Macedo of R-Fitness Personal Training, which is an exclusive private gym in Kensington.

I give a weekly dance class at the YMCA Club Central London (Dance Fusion) and am a supply teacher at many schools across London.

I offer deep tissue and therapeutic massage at a couple of locations (salons and gyms) as well as at home.