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SUGAR’s New Names

The food industry is always finding new and inventive words to use on labels instead of “sugar”. You can easily find words/names like: – evaporated cane juice – raw organic cane sugar – fruit juice concentrate – fruit purée – cane syrup – beet sugar – crystalline fructose – blackstrap[…]

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Hidden SUGAR Hotspots

Some “healthy” cereals contain nearly as much sugar as the “bad” one you avoid. Did you notice the health claims on the cereal boxes? “Contains Essential Vitamins”, “Great For Energy”, “Wholegrain Goodness”. I can suggest “Crammed with SUGAR” or “Superfluous Slogan”! LOW-FAT YOGHURTS are the secret dairy dens of the[…]

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Londoners are riding more than ever

More people cycling in London than ever before. 2015 started with new record breaking in the capital, according to TFL, as Boris Johnson announces cycling superhighways. Record numbers of cyclists are pedalling their way around the capital, according to TfL, which said cycling levels were 10% higher in the three[…]

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Green light to London’s cycling superhighway

Boris Johnson announced that two ambitious planned cycle routes would be built much as planned. London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ambitious plan to reshape how the city handles cyclist traffic got final approval Wednesday, clearing the way for the spread of segregated bike lanes and dedicated traffic signals. Johnson plans to[…]

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General workout

General workout 3x 30 – alternate one hand chest press; + 30 – alternate bicep curls; + 30 – alternate pistols; + 30 – sit up to shoulder press.

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Organic dessert (vegan)

Organic dessert (vegan) This organic dessert it’s very easy to do. Just adding the ingredients in the bladder cup and press the button! If you are a coffee lover you can also add an espresso. Recipe/Ingredients: 1 banana 6 figs 3 spoons of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, brown and golden linseeds)[…]

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